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Payroll Service
01.  Prepare employee profile registration
02.  Collect and inspect employee attendance card
03.  Calculate wages, overtimes, and other benefits
04.  Prepare salary report and provide payroll service for
05.  Activate the payroll service on bank system (in order to enable
      customers to press and approve salary payment)
06.  Issue salary slips for employees (carbon slips)
07.  Manage employee health insurance card together with
      notification of newlyhired-resigned employees
Finance for HR Service
01.  Submit monthly taxation form (PND. 1)
02.  Submit monthly social security contribution form
03.  Notify Social Security Office about the name list of newly hired
      and resigned employees in a monthly basis
04.  Submit monthly provident fund
05.  Submit monthly salary report for expense records
06.  Prepare annual employee profile for filing annual income
      tax (bis 50)
07.  Issue withholding tax certificates for employees

Consulting Service
01.  Consulting service for the whole system of Payroll
      Outsourcing Service
02.  Consulting service on labor laws
03.  Consulting service for foreigners to work in Thailand

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